The Best Tanning Tablets for You

Some of the best tanning tablets are being promoted as safer alternatives to sunbed and sun based tanning. Although they too have their own side effects, there’s no doubt that they are ideal for people who are looking for the perfect tan. The trick is to always make sure that you choose a quality tanning tablet manufacturer. There are many brands in the market today. As a prospective buyer, you should ensure that you ultimately pick a product that complies with the needed standards.

So, what are the best tablets for tanning?

Below are some of the most popular options in the market:tanning-pills


Although Tyrosine is not a big brand compared to Spa, it’s a first choice of many people looking for a tan. It’s actually an amino acid that helps the body to produce its own melanin. Keep in mind that melanin is the hormone responsible for the dark pigment most of you know as the tan. The pill should be used in conjunction with the sun. The theory is that if you take it and bask in the sun, you are likely to tan faster.

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid

The Para-aminobenzoic acid, also known as PABA, is a supplement designed to stimulate the production of melanin. PABA is often promoted as a better solution to offer quicker, deeper, and of course, a long lasting tan. The product is also used as sunscreen and while there’s no actual evidence to show that it has a real effect on tanning, it has been seen as a possible solution.

Himanthalia Elongata

Himanthalia Elongata is an alga that has also been promoted as an ideal choice to trigger the production of melanin on the skin. On a theoretical perspective, Himanthalia Elongata is usually found along the seashore and is believed to contain enzymes that protect it from the sun. These enzymes can be used to trigger the production of melanin in the body. However, experts have argued that because the algae is eaten and digested in the body, the effects it has on triggering the production of melanin may not be that big.

These are basically some of the best tanning tablets in the market. Although they may appear to be simple and basic solutions, they can help you tan better. Most of the products are designed to trigger the production of more melanin in the skin.